Having pioneered CRBT in India, one of the world’s most successful CRBT markets, Telemune has now deployed CRBT for 45 operators globally – and is now serving over 20 million mobile users.

For mid-sized operators, CRBT is a gift that keeps giving. With our managed services approach, the service remains constantly fresh, highly personal and operator-controlled. And revenues grow quickly and continue delivering, month after month, year after year.

We deliver CRBT quickly – within 7 weeks – and with a dedicated and experienced team, we then manage the service against strict performance parameters. We source engaging content, devise targeted campaigns and develop fun features to keep customers loyal and revenues on track.

Our customers have enjoyed steady and strong revenue growth, with one customer growing revenues fifteen-fold in a 4 year period.

“Telemune personnel have proved themselves to be of a high calibre, highly productive, technically competent and conscientious. All have been very conscious of quality, and have made concerted efforts to adapt quickly to meet our requirements.” Caribbean Operator