Warid Congo Partners with Telemune for Managed VAS

New Delhi, November 7, 2013: Telemune, a pioneer of value added services in emerging markets globally, today announced that it is partnering with Warid Congo to launch WAP Portal Services, Low Balance Suite and Phone Back Up Service. Telemune will be managing the services end-to-end.

WAP Portal Services are popular with mobile users interested in getting updates on entertainment, sports and news from regular feature phones. Low Balance will help Warid’s mobile users stay connected when they are running low on balance, or have no balance at all. And Phone Back Up Service provides mobile users with the convenience of always having their contacts available for download. As part of this partnership, Telemune will deploy the solutions, manage operations and ensure service and feature enhancement. For WAP Portal services, Telemune will manage content and content partners and create campaigns and promotions to drive service uptake.

Speaking on the partnership, Mr. Imossio Begoume, Marketing director, Warid Congo said, “We want to keep our customers up-to-date in the simplest and most convenient way possible – and ensure they have access to fun services on their mobile. We see WAP Portal services as a key means for our customers to stay in touch with what is happening in their world. We also want to make sure our customers are always in touch. With Low Balance services they can ask friends for balance or to call them or to pay for their call – or even ask Warid to extend credit. Phone Back Up provides users with access to their contacts at any time – and is really helpful if they lose their mobile or mistakenly delete contact details. We think these services will have great appeal and we are proud to be broadening the types of service our customers can enjoy from us.”

Harish Bansal, CEO, Telemune commented, “We are very excited to be partnering with Warid Congo to manage WAP Portal, Low Balance and Phone Back Up services. We believe these services will add fun and utility to customers’ service experience. Telemune has extensive experience in delivering and managing successful WAP Portal services and we will work closely with Warid to build a popular and engaging service that is easy-to-use and offers a great range of constantly changing content. With Low Balance services, we are confident that mobile users will enjoy the new options they have to keep in touch and request credit. And Phone Back Up is a highly practical service that ensures users always have access to their contact details.”

Natcom Selects Telemune for its Highly Customized VAS Solutions

Telemune has successfully deployed Pay4Me, Voice Broadcast and IVR Platform for Natcom, Haiti. VAS Solutions provided by Telemune are highly customized according to the market, thus benefiting Natcom with branding and increased revenues.

Eazitel Enjoys Increased Customer Loyalty with Telemune VAS Apps

Telemune bundle of services namely Voice Mail, Missed Call Information, IVR Platform and USSD Gateway are successfully deployed in Eazitel, Gibraltor and are generating new revenue streams for Eazitel along with high level of customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Digicel Selects Telemune’s CRBT

Telemune has deployed CRBT service across 26 nations in American sub continent, Australian sub continent and Caribbean Region for Digicel group and is supporting the customer base of more than 10 million subscribers.

Lime Introduces BlingBack Tunes with Telemune Managed CRBT platform

With the exploration of Telumune CRBT in 13 major countries in the Caribbean that include the Jamaica and British territories, East Caribbean countries LIME, the leading communications company of Caribbean islands rocks the entire region with BlingBack Tunes managed by Telemune.

Telecel Partners with Telemune for Managed VAS

Telecel, the second largest mobile network in Zimbabwe is serving around 2 million subscribers with bundled VAS solutions on Telemune SDP Platform. Telemune is providing Telecel with innovative VAS solutions on SDP platform including SMS Portal, Voice Portal, CRBT, USSD GW, MCA, Pay4Me, Voice Mail, Voice SMS, Mobile 2 Internet.

Azur Deploys Telemune’s CRBT and M2I Services

Telemune services are successfully deployed in Azur, Congo-Brazzaville. Azur, Gabon and Congo-Brazzaville is under the ownership of Bintel Group which is one of the fastest growing telecom service providers in emerging markets with current focus on Africa. Bintel is headquartered in Bahrain. Telemune is continuously adding revenues streams of Azur by offering local market specific solutions apart from standard VAS portfolio.

Telemune Wins TCOE Award for Excellence in VAS Products

Telemune Software Solutions Ltd. has been awarded Winner of 2011- “TCOE Awards of Excellence” in India Telecom 2011 awards by TCOE, DoT, Ministry of Communications & IT, for innovators developing telecom VAS products namely Mobile2Internet Voice SMS.

HITS Selects Telemune to Deliver VAS over its Smart SDP

Telemune is entering Africa region starting with HITS telecom EG. Telemune provides CRBT and SDP - complete suite of value added services to enhance the services offered by Hits to its customers. Telemune is providing USSD GW, SMS2email, Voice Mail, Voice SMS, Collect Call, MCA services to Hits a leading telecom in Africa.

Telemune Wins Integrated M-Governance Project

The leading telecom company in Saudi Arabia, Saudi Telecom (STC) is using the VAS services by Telemune, deployed for 14 Million subscriber base with daily Voice SMS handling capacity of 4Million+.